Acceptable ID

Identification requirements for notarial services are throughout all 50 US states.

All signers must present valid, active and unexpired photo identification.

For signers that do not possess a US Social Security Number, you must provide a Credible Witness with a US Social Security Number along with a valid, active and unexpired photo ID in addition to your unexpired ID. ***a Non US Passport is most preferable for Non US signers***

Acceptable forms of identification:

– State-issued driver’s license

– State-issued identification card

– U.S. military identification card

– US Passport 

– Non US Passport

– National ID 

– Government issued photo ID

– Resident alien identification card (green card)

*This is not a comprehensive list. If you are unsure about your Photo ID, send a message and we will let you know if it is acceptable.

Document Verification

Notarization is a form of legal authentication for signed (or sometimes, copied) documents. It confirms document’s authenticity and ensures compliance of such signed documents with the requirements of the relevant jurisdictions. Copied documents include utility bills or passports.

The Notary Public verifies identity of the signee and ensures that such person fully understands, confirms (and willingly accepts) the information contained within such document. The certification by a notary can also be needed to confirm the authenticity of copied documents, such as passports or utility bills.