How it Works

1. Select a Service

Start by selecting the type of notarization you need!

Choose whether it's a general notarization or a loan package; it's considered a loan package if there is a Deed involved as part of your documents...

2. Submit Service Form

Fill out and submit our Service Form.


In order for us to assist you with your specific needs we'll need some details of what you're wanting to accomplish.

3. Schedule Appointment 

Decide when you'd like to meet with a notary...

You'll need to choose a notary and select a day and time for your notarization.


For non-US persons "without a Social Security Number" you will need to provide and inform a Credible Witness of the date and time of your notarization!

***Credible Witness = Someone who knows you personally with a U.S. Social Security Number who can pass the KBA questions and answers***

***KBA = Knowledge Based Answers is a security measure required by the State Commission for online notary platform provider's***

4. Complete Purchase

We'll send you an invoice for payment

Confirm your appointment with payment. Due to high volume your payment locks in the day & time of your appointment!


Note: Notarized documents will be held and not released until payment is satisfied. Your invoice must be paid before or on the date of your appointment.

5. Attend your session

Verify ID and sign.

During your virtual session, the first step is ID verification. This is done visually by the notary.

After everyone's identity has been verified, all signers will electronically sign the document(s).